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For longer than any living can remember The Wall has protected us. A sphere of total isolation. Lately that has changed. The Wall is fading. Less dense, less physical items are now able to pass through. It has long been known that infants are more closely connected to the spirit realm than adults. We believe that is why a youth can now pass with some effort yet our best fighters are blocked.

We do not know what is out there. Are the hoards awaiting their chance to attack? Have they moved on? Are any other humans left alive?

The Elders are seeking teams of courageous youth to go beyond and bring back information. Legend tells of other Blue Wizards and other enclaves. Did they survive? Are their walls failing? Can they help us?… Do they need our help?

[For those whom need to know.]
The energy of “magic” flows through the world in “ley” lines. They permeate all the world, below and above. For a human to use magic they must collect this energy and direct it through a focus. The ability to collect and store the energy grows with practice. A focus will also adapt in time to more efficiently utilize the energy that passes through it. A focus used long enough by a magician powerful enough will retain it’s ability long after the magician is no more. This is one way that a magical item is created. Non-human users of magic are able to somehow direct energy without the use of a focus.

The energy used by clerics comes from their god. gods receive their energy from the prayers, worship and sacrifices of their followers. The more sacrifices by more followers will give god greater power. That power can then be granted to the clerics who use it to do great works. Thereby converting more followers, thereby offering more sacrifices, thereby making god more powerful. It’s the ultimate pyramid scheme. (We’ll go into the special function of the pyramids later). A focus used by a cleric long enough will also attune to that gods will. After the cleric is no more, the focus can retain a link to god for many years.

Main Page

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